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At Printing Channel we always seek to provide our customers with new services. With the support of DIC INDIA LTD. now we are able to provide you Pantone Colors & Custom Colors according to your specific needs. We can help you in maintaining your brand identity and we can also provide corporate color solutions.
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Secure Colors

This service is for those who feel very insecure about their packing. Regarding this we can provide you some colors which are very hard to copy and it helps to put a special effect in your packing making it very secure.

Paper and Water Testing

Paper and water are very important parts of printing. If any of them in not up to mark then the printing results will not come up to the mark. No matter how good your machine is or how good ink you use. At printing channel we are having facilities to test the paper and water to be used in printing process. Get your paper and water checked to get best results.

Blanket Service & Repair

Instead of blanket wash when kerosene oil when used to clean printing blankets causes a serious problem of glazing on the upper rubber surface of the blanket. Due to glazing the printing blanket looses it properties like dot sharpness and good ink transfer also sometimes it may cause scum problem in the printing. At printing channel we do full service of printing blanket by cleaning it and then deglazing it. In the last we seal all the edges to disallow the water to enter into the blanket from the open sides. If the compressible layer of the blanket is damaged we also get it repaired by decompressing it. This process is so good that it brings your blanket back to life.

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  • Professional Technical Team
  • Complete Quality Check Points
  • Take your attention to detail up a level
  • Complete Customization
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We utilize the art of the trained eye, along with the science of our XRITE spectrophotometers along with colour balanced light booths to match our customers’ expectations for consistent custom formulations and perfect substrate-matched inks.
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