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It is very difficult to match a job exactly the way that the printer had printed it six months prior. This is not an easy task considering changes in raw materials and changes in machine settings as well as lack of calibration of much equipment. Assuming no changes in plates, inks and paper the job should be relatively easy.

We should not rely on digital prints as they fade some rather quickly and some do not. You can observe the change by taking a new digital proof and compared it to the old digital proof there will be a substantial color difference. We recommend few tips every one should take to increace the life of their master prints and digital proofs.

Prepress proofs should be kept away from all light Use a prepress proof only for the reprint at hand Check your system for fade Remind sales personnel not to leave proofs in the backseat of their cars

Matching a previous run should not be difficult if we take into account the items mentioned above.
 Good Black

In commercial plants both large and small, printing a good rich black is quite important to the look of many jobs. To achieve a rich black, the first step would be to look at a solid black image under a 100-power glass. What you would like to see is a very smooth solid. If you find uneven lay, holes in the solids, or a mottled look, you now have something to work on.

In general, take a look at the water pick-up of the ink by having your ink maker measure it in their lab. In general, if you see white holes in your solids it may be because of a mismatch between the ink and the fountain solution.

Once the single hit of black looks good, begin studying the dots themselves. Holes at the center of the dot usually mean there is a calcium carbonate buildup on the blanket. Holes throughout the dots usually indicate a fountain solution problem with the ink. The next thing to consider is cleaning the sheet use sheet cleaners or web cleaners.

To add richness, use a blue-toned black ink preferably not toned with reflex blue. For another way to add richness, underlay the black with a 40% screen tint of cyan. Some printers like to run a double black to add richness. The final tip is to coat the job with varnish.
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